A question I ask myself from time to time is; as a brand, would I buy myself or keep on shopping.
A question I ask myself from time to time is; as a brand, would I buy myself or keep on shopping.

A slice of my background

Brander of 800 plus companies, speaker, business advisor, author, quotist, committed husband, motorcycle and wine aficionado are a few of my “whats,” but the “why” behind me finds few things more rewarding than helping people get from Point (A)nywhere, to Point (B)etter in life, business and relationships. With the audacity of having the personal mission statement “to be a graceful interruption to whatever is not working in people’s personal or business lives,” I must admit, I’m not always the lightest guy in the room, but then again, if you’ve ever heard me try to tell a joke, you’ll know why. I hate canned anything, including humor… and of course… sardines.

My career started selling candy out of my jacket pockets at school at age 12 – to selling Avocados to local restaurants at 14 – promoted myself to ditching class to draw pictures I sold to local gift stores at 17 – to co-founding one of Orange County’s largest marketing/branding agencies. Today, I have two companies: Breviti, a brand development and marketing firm, and I am a partner at VeracityColab, recently voted the #1 animated and live-action video agency in the Country.

As for speaking and workshops, I speak locally or nationally on personal branding and business branding to any size audience and conduct 1 to 3 hour executive level trainings at companies to help company cultures thrive in cultural collaboration and individual performance.

In regard to my site here, if you desire to change or strengthen your personal or corporate brand, I think what’s here and what I send will help with that. But then again, I coined the phrase “Self-evaluation is an oxy-moron with the emphasis on… the moron,” so I’ll let you be the judge. I send e-mails no more than once a week and you can subscribe to QuickShifts© life, business and relationship quotes and I send an occasional short-form piece on improving the brand of you.

Of course if you’re interested in building your executive brand in business, be sure and check out my books, published by Baker and available on Amazon and other major bookseller sites and stores. The first book, Shift Your Thinking, focuses on the improving every aspect of life, business and relationships and does so in a point-by-point, brevity-based approach you’ll enjoy. The second book, which launches in the first quarter of 2018, is called Shift Your Thinking for Success is focused primarily building our executive brand in business and improving every category of our business performance.

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