Dean Del Sesto Speaking at Conference
  • "Dean didn’t show up to do a talk, he showed up to change lives, and that he did." YB
  • "If searching for a great speaker, hire him. His approach is fresh and transformative." IK
  • "Thank you for having the courage to speak bold words. I left a different person." TO
  • "It was surgery for my spirit. I won't forget Dean’s talk or the way it was delivered." FP
  • "It takes someone who cares to deliver truth with such grace. This was a bold talk." LH
  • "Take aways… lots and lots of practical take aways I can apply in all areas of my life." HJ
  • "No doubt the most meaningful presentation I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to many." BB
  • "Extremely well delivered. Dean went deep and yet brought levity at the same time." SC
  • "It was refreshing to hear an authentic approach to such a powerful topic." KL
  • "Dean was excellent and delivered personal and business value for me. Big thanks!" JH
  • "I didn’t think a 90 minutes talk could transform my life, but it did, seriously." NE
  • "Your presentation was life changing. I will go back into life with a healthier perspective." PT
  • "Absolutely brilliant, you are more than a speaker; you’re a life changer. Thank you." GM
My vision as a speaker is to help people leverage new ways of thinking to seriously improve all areas of their personal, professional and relational performance.
Speaking Overview

Having created over 800 brands, my talks focus exclusively on personal brand building (making professionals more efficient, effective, resilient and fulfilled) and business brand development (turning companies into brilliant, lasting and attractive brands.) Talks range from 15, 30, 60, to 90 minute talks to audiences of any size, or 2 to 3 hour (in company or offsite) executive leadership team workshops to build better executive and team relational and business performance.

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Dean Del Sesto
Dean Del Sesto
Dean Del Sesto
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Dean Del Sesto
A few insights for you to think about
Branding is a form of math to add magnetism, subtract barriers, divide the options, multiply desire and create no equal.
Wisdom is found in slowing down enough to really listen to people. Listening is the fastest way to intelligence.
Rarely do business relationships end suddenly. They die silently over time due to neglect until suddenly, it’s too late.
If you don't think simply deciding to change will work, look at the success of simply deciding how not to change, has.
If the self-help books you read don't show up in the story of your life, it’s time to stop reading, and start implementing.
Some things in life will just never work, take for example having writers block and eating some alphabet soup.
Success is not doing the things you do so you can live in freedom; success is living in freedom while doing every thing you do.
To build a great reputation, consider branding without consistency is like loving your spouse every once in a while.
Any relationship you bring to new levels of honesty and transparency will never return back to its original façade.
Differentiation in building your brand is never measured in how much it deviates, but how much it activates.
Working on a goal isn't about what it gets you, as much as how working on the goal transforms you.
If you want to know why certain aspects of life are not working well, don’t just question yourself, interrogate yourself.
Peace is not the absence of difficult things, but the integration of things so valuable there is no room to think of the difficult.
You don't always treat others with respect because they deserve it. You treat others with respect because you deserve it.
To write in fewer words is an art-form and a heart-form; it’s a sensitivity that time is short and our writing, often too long.
The ambiguity of the questions we pose to others will be in direct proportion the obscurity of the answers.
Happiness is consistently reminding ourselves of what we do have while peacefully working toward what we don’t.
People make their initial decision to buy from you based on emotion, then use logic to reinforce how they feel.
Conversation with others spoken in generalizations will assure the integration and escalation of future aggravation.
If you want people to listen and value what you have to say, capture not just their ears, capture their imagination.
Before every speaking event or presentation, if you want to minimize your nerves… then focus your heart and mind to serve.
It’s not that they didn’t listen that is the problem, it’s that I wasn’t able to make myself heard that was cause for concern.
Branding IQ is not measured so much in the brilliance of what we say, but in how few words it takes to be brilliant.
Efficiency is being so well organized that you can spend more time on what’s important, not on what’s lost.
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