A question I ask myself from time to time is; as a brand, would I buy myself or keep on shopping.
It is never the length of a talk that matters, but the length of its impact.


A word on speaking at your event, conference, group or company meeting.

When I’m asked to speak to an audience or at a company, I am always grateful for the opportunity. As such, I take it with the seriousness it deserves. The fact that people are giving me a slice of their life with the intention of growing is not something I take lightly, and at every talk, whether a lunch and learn or a thousand people, I am intentional to bring perspectives that change lives. I’m not about pumping people up to walk on glass, coals or tightropes, as much as I am bringing people to reflect, change and drive more effectiveness into their life… minutes to hours after I speak.

“Dean was the keynote speaker at our conference on Emotional and Relational IQ to several hundred executives and the reviews were fantastic. He swims in the deep waters where many fear to tread and brings pearls of wisdom that promote next level thinking that drive new business practices, inspirationally and practically.” Russ Williams, Chief Inspiration Officer, Passkeys, Ethical Edge Conference.

A platform of speaking that comes from a foundation of doing, not hypotheticals.

Having branded about 800 companies, I’ve seen the unlimited ways branding impacts our lives personally, professionally and corporately. Frankly, I haven’t read much of what’s out there on branding as I’ve been immersed in the trenches, boardrooms and on the street with branding execution that move needles, markets and minds. Having spent $10,000 a month to $1 million a month of client budget and being held accountable for measurable brand results, you could say I’ve seen it all, so theory and conjecture never make it into my talks.

“Dean Del Sesto is one of the most insightful and brilliant speakers our group has ever heard - and we have heard many! He is a unique thinker, and someone that brings wise, time-tested perspectives to improve a business culture and brand by first taking a look at the personal brand that each member possesses. Over an engaging 4 plus hours, he certainly shifted our thinking and our culture in a prolific way, and our thinking will be forever changed.” Dr. Dennis Wells, Chairman of the Crown Council Mastermind Meeting, Nashville, TN.

My talks are as simple and practical as they are unconventional and disruptive. To date, I’ve never had anything but a stellar review. (Wood knocking sound!) I work best with audiences that are genuinely interested in being challenged to become a more relevant, compelling and valuable personal or business brand in all areas of their lives.

“Dean was great. Information was pertinent to CEO's to understand their BRAND and to show up with the right level of vulnerability in their role as CEO. Highly recommend Dean to any group.” Linda Hughes, Vistage Chair, Fortune 1000 Leadership Coach.

I speak on personal/relational branding and executive or business branding.

Although related, there are tangible distinctions between corporate and personal branding. I can keep an audience focused and engaged for 15 minutes to 3 hours. Of course, the longer talks include audience and table interaction/exercises. Brevity is a key guiding principal (not to mention, my company name,) so I’m also (according to feedback) able to put more substance in a minute than most.

“Dean is a brilliant brand strategist and leader. He spoke at our Executive Next Practices Institute meeting on marketing next practices and conveyed complex marketing and branding ideas in simple yet powerful ways. We would highly endorse Dean for any branding or speaking engagement.” Scott Hamilton, President, CEO, Executive Next Practices.


Building the Brilliant Brand of You for Breakthrough Business Performance.

Focuses on tuning relational dynamics and interaction, character traits, brand persona and effectiveness in business. It's not as much a how to talk, but shares ways of being that add value to career and relationships for greater effectiveness, fulfillment and leverage. Talks from 20 to 180 minutes or adjusted to timeframe with longer talks including exercises and interaction.

Brand Your Business to Beat the Competition Badly.

Speaks to brand realities, brand identity, building market and mind-share and speaks to the philosophical and company culture aspects of branding and how brand affects business development. Also covers the components of differentiation and relevancy. Talks from 20 to 90 minutes or adjusted to timeframe with longer talks including exercises and interaction.

The Heart and Science of Building a High Performing Company Culture.

I also work with any size company to build and strengthen executives to be more effective, resilient, and self-aware to accelerate and improve their brands within a company culture, with clients and business partners. I’ll work with executive teams at their company or offsite. Talks from 30 to 180 minutes with longer talks including exercises and interaction.

If you’d like more details on the topics or me speaking at one of your events…



“I’ve heard a lot of great speakers in my time. Some are technically proficient, and others have great content. Dean has those at the highest level, but has a highly attuned way of assassinating thinking that doesn't work, and provides perspectives that do; meaning he’s more of a transformationalist than a typical speaker. I would put him in front of any audience, anytime. I have myself and the reviews were nothing short of fantastic.” Noah Elias, Chairman and Founder, Noah University. Re-Imagine Conference.
“When I heard Dean speak for the first time on his book, Shift Your thinking, I knew that I had to have him speak for all of my Convene CEO Forum groups. In a 3-hour talk, his business wisdom was far different than others and relevant to a powerful degree. My members agree…he was the best speaker we’ve had in over 10 years.” Jeff Abbott, CEO Chair, Convene CEO Forums.
“Dean led our Corporate Office and Regional Management team through a game changing brand discussion and helped our team in the development of their own personal mission statements. Dean’s ability to combine humor and vulnerability created an open space for each person to explore their purpose personally and professionally. As we each attempted the exercise, Dean spurred us further into a broad yet detailed train of thought. By the end his time, I think we were all surprised at how we were able to create one single sentence that encompassed why we exist. Knowing the personal mission statements of our employees has helped shape our company culture to a place where you are utilized according to your mission as a person. He was a joy to be with.” Lindsay Jennings, VP, Operations, Optivest Properties.
"One of the best Speakers we have had - the presentation style was excellent and the take home value (both personal & professional) was also excellent. Profound insights and awareness of the importance of personal and business brands with long term impacts." Rich Knauss, Vistage Chair.
"Dean is in many ways is a modern day Mark Twain. Seriously. His original quotes he casually throws out during his talks provide far more sticky take aways and ahahhhh moments than most speakers I’ve heard. What’s more refreshing is his humor comes from wit and authenticity rather than the planned attempts we see so much and wish we didn’t." Milan Yerkovich, Founder, Relationship 180, Author, “How We Love” series, International Speaker, Counselor.
"It seems that everybody has something to say these days, but finding the kind of communicator who can transform your perspective in a single talk is not easy. I have had the honor of experiencing Dean literally transform the way I see aspects of my life with his insights and mastery of language. I look for opportunities to hear him speak and I encourage you not to miss him when he comes your way!! " Daniel Tocchini, Founder, Blood and Ethos, International Business Trainer, Author.
“Some speakers leave an audience excited, but empty; others are content rich, but sleep-inducing. It takes a rare communicator who engages the mind and heart in a rhythm that leaves the listener better than they were before the encounter. Dean Del Sesto knows what he's talking about, and he understands how to make an audience want what he's saying. Let’s just say he delivers!” Bob Shank, CEO, The Masters Program, The Barnabas Group, Author, Life Mastery.
“Deans ability to connect with and move an audience to new thinking is pretty astonishing. There is a calm and relatability he brings that creates trust in a matter of seconds. His background on branding and his way with words not only keep audiences attentive, they always get more than what they expected.” Hendre, Coetzee, Center for Advanced Coaching. International Keynote Speaker.
“Your Vistage presentation was a memorable one and I’m confident it will be well received by other groups. Why? Your content coupled with your relevant stories is very important to all CEOs today. You made a clear connection between brand, culture and mission. As you worked the table one-to-one, you listened well enough to give individual feedback to each of us. I can see why you’ve made a difference in your role as a speaker and advisor.” Peter Ganahl, CEO, Ganahl Lumber, Vistage Member.


"Dean didn’t show up to do a talk, he showed up to change lives, and that he did." YB
"If you’re looking for a great speaker, hire him. His approach is refreshing and transformative." IH
"Thank you for having the courage to speak bold words of change into our lives. I left a different person." TO
"It was like surgery for my spirit. I won't forget Dean’s talk or the heart with which it was delivered." FP
"It takes someone who really cares to deliver hard truths with such grace. This was a bold talk." LH
"Take aways… lots and lots of practical take aways I can apply in all areas of my life." HJ
"Without a doubt, the most meaningful presentation I’ve ever been to and I’ve been to many." BB
"Well delivered. Hard to fathom Dean could go so deep and yet bring levity at the same time." SC
"It was refreshing to hear an authentic approach to such a powerful topic." KL
"Dean was excellent and really hit the mark for me professionally and personally. Big THANKS!" JH
"Although a departure from his branding talks, this talk was informative way beyond the words." NE
"Your presentation was life changing. I will go back into life with a healthier perspective." PT
"Absolutely brilliant, you are more than a speaker; you’re a life changer. Thank you." GM